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If you need something to tell about your product or event, we are happy to deliver your story and let’s make the best content for them!

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Sponsored content on developed by our talented editorial team who will help hone key brand messages while peaking audience interests.

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Backed by our experienced writers from our digital media operation, we can help you explore the best story idea and deliver contents that grows your business.

KOL Network

We gather and curate the best female influencers, invite them to join our emerging community and create the most potential content for the audience and brands.

KOL Project

To launch Unilever House Hold Care ramadan campaign initiatives with themes #bersihmasjid2018, we carefully selecting top moslem influencers with highest reach and engagement. We decide to invite Irwansyah and Dhini Aminarti to Unilever HHC #bersihmasjid2018 event in Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, to kickstart this activation campaign.
To sustain the campaign performance over the ramadan month, we also invite 27 mom influencers from big indonesian cities to run #bersihmasid2018 campaign near their local mosque and by encouraging their followers to join this activity.

Content Creation
for Brand Asset team develop monthly content strategy, creation, and distribution to make sure Fair&Lovely content inside the BBM Channel, ‘Rahasia Cantik Fair&Lovely’, is read by at least 50,000 readers every month.

To reach more readers inside BBM Channel, we promote the article through content recommendation and social media channel.

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We are a passionate team that is devoted to support women out there with positive and elevating community, from digital activity to offline event regularly.

If your brand wants to be part of this inspiring community that lead to positive conversations and social activities, join us and let’s make a real impact!

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